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Address: Unit 7,
Ariston Park,
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Venetian Plasters

Like natural stone or polished marble, classic stucco responds to the provocations of the light and gives off a specific vibration for each type of lighting it receives. With Spatula Stuhhi, we experienced the sensation of a room in movement that is active, alive, changing and with timeless appeal. This wall covering is our natural product par excellence as it does not contain solvents.

Innovative and extremely versatile, this stucco allows working the wall with a single coat. Follow your creative instinct creating real textures in your interiors, playing with personalized relief effects and infinite colour combinations. Consisting of only lime, marble dust and minerals, this product, which can cover up minor irregularities in the wall, represents the union of nature and design.

140 colours available - Contact us to view our samples

venetian plasters


• Boardrooms
• Residential Homes
• Retail
• Commercial


• Mildew Resistant
• Breathable
• No VOC's ( Volatile Organic Compounds )
• Green - Meets the most stringent environmental standards
• Super Adhesion
• Sealed with Natural Bees Wax
• Fully washable

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